Flexible and Convenient Office Work
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Flexible and Convenient Office Work

Whether you have employees that work in various locations around the office, are adding new employees, setting up a new office, starting a help desk or setting up employees to work from home, the KX-NSX can easily achieve your goals.

User Concept


Each user can assign a phone number to multiple devices such as their office phone and mobile phone, which enables a phone or mobile phone to be easily used as an office extension. Users can easily manage multiple devices spread over various locations using a single number.

Smart Desk

This function enables a number of users to share the same extension. Users apply their own profile with a service-in operation so they can only receive their personal calls and voicemail, etc. Once they have serviced-out, it becomes available for another employee. When an employee services in at a location, they are automatically serviced out at any previous location.

My Portal

Using the My Portal web-based user interface, each user can easily operate the telephony function settings and Unified Message customisation without knowing the PBX-specific feature number.


Multi-Connection System

The KX-NSX is ideal for any company with scalability. Supports up to 2,000 users and provides connectability for up to 32 sites with the KX-NS series for seamless communication. It can also save costs for making calls between offices with KX-NS networking as internal calls, and provides sharing of up to 128 tenants, unified messaging, an office directory, and much more.

Centralized Management

The KX-NSX enables companies spread out over multiple locations to perform remote management from a main site using IP networking. There is no need to have an administrator at every site, which enables low cost operations.