Panasonic WV-NF302



Model Number: WV-NF302

  • Features A 1280 X 960 Megapixel Image Sensor With Mpeg-4/jpeg
  • Digital Output At A Vga Image
  • Size Up To 30 Ips And With Dual Streaming Capabilities.
  • Works With The Wv-nf5c.


CCTV pundits are very much aware that the key to an effective security camera is a good image quality and a low light sensitivity. With its 1.3 MP CCD and 0.9 lux rating (B/W mode), the Panasonic WV-NF302more than excels on both counts. But this is just where it starts. Chances are, every feature and function you can conceive of, Panasonic thought of it too and incorporated it into this camera. And with a name like Panasonic, you can expect to get only the best, both in terms or performance and durability.


Outstanding Image Quality
Because of its superior image clarity, a megapixel camera can provide you with the level of detail not available with a VGA camera. Furthermore, by starting off with such a high resolution, you can digitally magnify the image several times over and still be able to make out identifying details.
Simultaneous MPEG-4/MJPEG Streaming
Simultaneous MPEG-4/MJPEG streaming gives you better control over how data is distributed over the network. For example, you can use the lower resolution but faster MPEG-4 codec when viewing live images, and at the same time output data to a recorder using the higher quality MJPEG compression format.
Optimized for Day & Night Surveillance
With its Day/Night function, advanced ALC, and up to 16x Sens-Up, you are assured the camera will be there for you 24-hours a day.
ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch)
ABS is similar to what others call a wide dynamic range function. ABS uses a complex algorithm to correct the dark regions of an image without affecting the already bright areas. ABS is a very important tool for applications needing to deal with high contrast or back lighting issues.
Built-In SD Card Slot
A built-in SD card slot will permit you to record directly to a flash memory card for quick transfer to a PC. An SD card will also ensure that recording continues uninterrupted during a network failure. You can also program the camera to send motion detection or alarm event images to the SD card.
Optional In-Ceiling Mounting
This camera readily installs on the flat surface of a wall or ceiling. An optional bracket (WV-Q173) is available for in-ceiling installations. You can also replace the standard clear dome with a smoked bubble (WV-NF5S).
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