WJ-HD616/100016-Channel H.264


WJ-HD616/100016-Channel H.264

Model Number: WJ-HD616

  • Intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-vmd) With Super Dynamic 5 Link (sd5link)
  • Dual Hdmi Video Outputs For True 1080i Hd Playback
  • Four Front Accessible Hard Disk Drive Slots
  • Sd/sdhc Memory Card Slot For Easy Copy Of Recorded Image Data
  • Various Display Modes: 4/7/8/9/12/16 Split Screen Display
  • Up To 5 Recorders Can Be Cascaded For Increased Camera Support

The WJ-HD616 16-channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) features a proprietary UniPhier System LSI Platform to provide real-time field recording of 240/200 images per second (ips) and frame recording of 120/100 ips, and H.264 compression technology for more efficient use of disk space.
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