AT&T Synapse SB67050 ATA - Analog Terminal Adapter


AT&T Synapse SB67050 ATA

Model Number: AT&T Synapse SB67050

  • Overhead Paging
  • Analog Device Support
  • External Hold Music
  • Group Voicemail

An economical way for businesses to add robust functionality to an already feature-rich phone system. Additional ports in the ATA make it possible to add audio out and audio in, offering a variety of options.

  • Overhead Paging - In addition to paging through the actual phone, now businesses can plug into an external speaker system to give office-wide announcements.

  • Analog Device Support - The System can support other devices without adding new phone lines, enabling the fax machine, card-swipe device and analog front door speaker phone to be integrated.

  • External Hold Music - Freedom to add any music of their preference for callers to listen to while on hold. (On-hold music functionality should only be used in conjunction with music specifically licensed for on-hold use. Licensed on-hold music is available from many third party suppliers.)

  • Group Voicemail - Flexibility to set up individual voicemail boxes, as well as group voicemail boxes that multiple employees can access.
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