Panasonic WV-SW158


Panasonic WV-SW158

Model Number: Panasonic WV-SW158

Panasonic WV-SW158

Super Dynamic Full HD Vandal Resistant Dome Network Camera

Full HD / 1,920 x1,080 H.264 Vandal Resistant Network Camera featuring Super Dynamic

• Compact size Full HD Dome Network Camera
The compact body with the diameter of 109mm and the height of 47mm blends in to walls and ceilings.
Even when installing the camera in a store/shop with atmosphere, the installation can be made without destroying the atmosphere.

• Waterproof and dustproof with Built-in Microphone
Waterproofing and dustproofing function compliant with IP66.
Can be installed outside in an area that receives direct wind and rain without special housing.
Compliant with IP66 (IEC60529)

• In-vehicle compatible
The in-vehicle compatible design means the camera is ideally suited for installation in vehicles such as buses and trains.
Railway Application : EN50155, EN50121

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