Panasonic KX-TVA 50


Panasonic KX-TVA 50

Model Number: Panasonic KX-TVA 50

Panasonic KX-TVA50 Features
  • System Capability: Voice Mail
  • ACD Reporting: Not applicable
  • Line Capacity (ports): 2, expandable to 6
  • Voice Storage: up to 4 hours, expandable up to 8 hours
  • Automated Attendant Service: Yes
  • Call Screening: Yes
  • Live Call Screening: Yes
  • Remote Live Call Screening (DPITS only): Yes
  • Callback Number Entry: Yes
  • Caller ID Name Announcement: Yes
  • Multiple Company Greetings: Yes
  • Caller ID Personal Greeting: Yes
  • Caller ID Call Routing: Yes
  • Covering Extension: Yes
  • Custom Service: Yes
  • Direct Mailbox Access: Yes, DPITS and APIT only
  • Extension Numbering: 2-5 digits (programmable)
  • System Recording Time: up to 4 hours (expandable to 8)
  • Number of Mailboxes: Max. 64 boxes
  • Number of Messages: unlimited
  • Spanish Prompts: Yes
  • Optional LAN Port Card

Panasonic KX-TVA Voice Processing Systems offer more than voice mail and automated attendant service. With features such as email integration and bilingual capability they can be customized to meet your specific needs. Used in conjunction with a Panasonic KX-NCP or KX-TDE System they become one of the most advanced digitally integrated phone systems in the world.
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