KX-TDE 200


Panasonic KX-TDE 200

Model Number: Panasonic KX-TDE 200

KX-TDE 200

Total Number of Trunks Total Number of Trunks 128
Trunk (Physical Trunk Card) 128
Trunk (Virtual Trunk Card) H.323 trunks 32
SIP trunks 64
Total Number of Extensions Total Number of Extensions 256
Extension (Physical Extension Card) 256
Extension (Virtual Extension Card) IP-PT and IP Softphone 128
SIP Extension 128
NOTE * The maximum number of PTs in the whole system is limited to 640.

Enhance your business with a solution designed to meet your needs with mobility, network applications and a common infrastructure that helps connect your users, wherever they may be. Straight forward and smooth migration is the key for upgrading to converged solutions. KX-TDE100/200 systems can easily be upgraded to take advantage of all the new benefits. Manage a single system, or multiple systems from any location, and benefit from lower costs and increased business productivity. Now that the rules have changed you can have the advantage.

The KX-TDE100/200 are powerful and versatile communication systems that will easily adapt to any business, providing solutions that will improve the way your business communicates.

The KX-TDE100/200's converged architecture is extremely versatile, providing multiple options to meet the expansion needs of your growing business. To increase the system capacity, the free slot design allows you to add cards to accommodate additional extensions, COs, or features, or you can also expand the system by adding licenses to activate the system's built-in virtual IP ports. The converged architecture provides easy, cost effective solutions to meet your expansion needs.

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