Nuvico EasyNet-HD DVR Ultra Series


Nuvico EasyNet-HD DVR Ultra Series

Model Number: Nuvico EasyNet-HD DVR Ultra Series

  • Utilizes Multi-Layer Streaming technology from DVR
  • Display up to 16 channels in both live-view and playback
  • Audio
  • PTZ control
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Compatible with major browsers
  • Windows PC and Mac compatible
  • Remote DVR Configuration

When monitoring over network, for both Live-Viewing and Remote Playback, EasyNet-HD DVRs transmit both HD and SD video streams simultaneously for optimal network performance. Independent of actual HD resolution being recorded by the DVR, transmitting SD resolution as a second stream is an ideal solution for low bandwidth connections such as DSL or 3G mobile network. 

EasyNet-HD DVRs are equipped with Dual-Codec engines. First engine dedicated for recording and playback from the unit, and the second engine assigned for Multi-Layer Streaming™. This power technology allows for faster remote search and playback over network. And, it is especially valuable when performing multi-channel playback over a low bandwidth. 

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