Panasonic KX-TDA 50
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Panasonic KX-TDA 50

KX-TDA 50G for Small to Medium Business needs  

This system is a great starter system for companies that do not require many applications.

The TDA 50 starts out with 4 analog line ports, 4 digital line ports and 4 analog station ports. If you need to expand past the system’s initial capacity, we can add hardware. The TDA 50G works great when you need less than 12 analog telephone CO lines and less than 24 phones. Although some configurations can slightly increase this capacity.

When combined with the TVA 50 Voicemail system and a Voicemail LAN card, it will forward a copy of your voicemail as a .wav file to your email. When anybody leaves you a voicemail, you will be able to listen to the message through your existing email client, on the device of your choice.

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