Speco Technologies

Speco Technologies

We have chosen Speco Technologies as the best camera solution for small to mid-sized companies needing a reliable surveillance solution.  Below we have listed the HD-TVI Technology and the IP Technology options that will help you decide which model is the right solution. 

With the latest technology at our fingertips, HD-TVI, we can reuse your existing Coax cable to support 1080p HD quality cameras.

8 Channel HD-TVI DVR Product Info

16 Channel HD-TVI DVR Product Info

HD-TVI Brochure                            

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Why IP?

With the latest advancements and shifts in technology network video systems are more cost-effective and scalable than ever.Start with what you need at a price you can afford and grow, add and expand the system as needed. 

Not only do IP cameras present a crystal clear HD image, you can also access all cameras remotely from anywhere at any time with an Internet connection. View real-time video or access stored footage from an offsite NVR or server easily through your smartphone, tablet or a PC. 

With an IP system peace-of-mind and mobility are possible.


Speco 8 Channel Network Video Recorder with 8 built-in PoE

Speco 16 Channel Network Video Recorder with 16 built-in PoE

Full HD Video Surveilance Solutions Catalog