Panasonic KX-NSX 2000
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Panasonic KX-NSX 2000

Business Communications Server


Our communication styles continue to change over the years.

When only analogue communication was available, each phone line was assigned a specific telephone number. If the user moved and wanted to keep the same number, it was necessary to reroute the phone line.

When IP started to gain popularity, it became possible to assign a telephone number to a specific device. Simply by moving the device, users could use the same number in different locations.

Now, users expect that telephone numbers can be assigned to specific users, which can then be used from any device. As a result, users can conduct business communication not only inside the office, but even outside or at home, creating an opportunity to revolutionize their work style.

The Panasonic KX-NSX series delivers the next generation of communication systems to meet today's work style.

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CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is an essential element of UC (Unified Communications). 
It effectively connects telecommunication and information technology. 
CTI allows the user to operate your phone by remote control, and to set up, make, and receive
calls without any need for programming.
In other words, it allows the user to directly make and receive phone calls from a PC, smartphone, or tablet with easy, intuitive operation.

Presence Management

Internal communication is dramatically accelerated by presence features that enable users to freely define their own presence status, track the availability of team members, and select the most effective contact method for each situation. 
This saves time and prevents interruptions. In addition, UC Pro / UC Pro 2 can be synchronized with Outlook Calendar to automatically update the user's presence in line with the calendar schedule. 
Call forwarding is also possible under certain conditions.

Text Chat

UC Pro / UC Pro 2 can also integrate text messages into in-company communication and work processes by sending them via a PC, directly from Outlook or a mobile client. 
This helps to ensure that messages are quickly read and replies are sent in real time. Messages can also be sent to multiple people to further strengthen communication.

Audio/Video Chat

You can communicate with Video chat while confirming the other person's feelings and expressions, or while viewing objects. 
This can also let you cut down on the need for business trips.

SIP Softphone*

UC Pro 2 client application enables you to use your PC or smartphones as SIP softphone which leads office mobility. It works as a PBX extension, so you can directly communicate with other PBX terminals as extension calls.
External call via PBX or paring UC client applications with PBX proprietary terminals are also possible. 

*Available on UC Pro 2 only.

Contact Portal*

The presence of UC Client users can be confirmed on the browser without installing UC Client for accurate communication and even users without UC Client can communicate on text chat with UC Client users.

*Available on UC Pro 2 only.